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our ingredients are always non-GMO, meet organic standards or are 100% certified organic, and fair-trade whenever possible

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we are passionate about producing the purest, highest quality, most flavorful chai tea blends. we carefully consider all of the ingredients we choose. this includes how they are made and where they come from. we hope you'll enjoy our chai as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you.

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Last year we donated 5% of our profits to help preserve a 5,407 acre swath of land in Colombia's Barbados's Wetlands, part of the Middle Magdalena Valley. We didn't know about this area until we started looking into putting our donation to work doing international and environmental good. We are happy to announce that the project was successfully funded!! "This expansion provides core refuge for three Critically Endangered species: the Variegated Spider Monkey, Blue-billed Curassow and the endemic Magdalena River Turtle. Other species that will benefit from protection are Silvery-brown Tamarins, Jaguars, Lowland Tapirs and American Manatees." - @rainforesttrust

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