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"come with us - ditch the plastic bottle and drink fresh herbs and spices with your own purified hot water ."

- Julia, owner



Julia Mader is a Texas native whose deep-rooted love for nature, nurtured by her parents and grandparents, has instilled in her an appreciation for the abundant gifts of the earth.

Driven by a desire to contribute something extraordinary to the Austin food landscape, Julia joined a local food company, immersing herself in the world of fresh, locally-sourced vegetables and gourmet fare. It was her unwavering passion for chai, and seeing that there was no locally-created option in local cafes, that led her to establish her own company and pursue her dream.

Experimenting in her kitchen, Julia crafted her own unique chai blend, venturing into cafes armed with little amber bottles to introduce her creation to the world. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and her artisanal brew found a place in the hearts of cafe owners, delighting customers with each sip.

Wanting to extend shelf life and avoid plastic bottles, Julia has refined Evergreen Chai’s product as a water-soluble dry blend, and her innovative solutions include biodegradable and compostable packaging. Using steam-drying and distillation, she’s able to deliver a pure spice flavor, free from pesticides and artificial additives.

The unwavering pursuit of her vision hasn’t always been easy, but Julia is confident, knowing in her heart that she is making the right choices for the future and the planet. Evergreen Chai is the delicious result of that dedication; a taste of a more flavorful, conscious, and harmonious world.

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