we are passionate about producing the purest, highest quality, most flavorful chai tea blends.

we carefully consider all of the ingredients we choose.

this includes how they are made and where they come from. 

we hope you'll enjoy our chai as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you.

cafe @mananaatx

photo by: @i_carl_

when you purchase our chai you're helping forests out.

we give back 5% of our earnings to contribute to organizations that protect Earth’s natural forests.

this year we gave 5% to the Rainforest Trust to help curb Amazon forest fires.

we partner with the most ecologically and sustainability-driven businesses we can find.

we help to lower fuel emissions and water usage by offering chai lovers a dry chai option that is unmatched in taste.

we help to eliminate waste in landfills by using 100% biodegradable pouches.

our ingredients are always non-GMO, meet organic standards or are 100% certified organic, and fair-trade whenever possible.