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matcha from japan - 1000 grams

1000 grams brews approximately 333 12-fl oz matcha lattes. like all of our tea, this matcha is naturally cultivated and pesticide-free.


a very special Matcha coming directly from a solar powered farm in Shizuoka, Japan. this matcha in particular is unique not only because it is made with solar power but because it is ground with granite, a traditional method that is not commonly used anymore in the production of commercial matcha. grinding with granite produces lower heat so that the matcha doesn't oxidize too much during the process. enjoy the dark green, super rich quality of this matcha in ice cream, cookies, frosting, or make a delicious matcha latte. our sourcing ensures that the farmer is earning a fair wage in the creation of this product.

matcha from japan - 1000 grams

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