White Snowflake

"i love Evergreen Chai because it is not as sweet as some others. it has a good balance of spices, very authentic flavor. it reminds me of chai tea i drank in India!”

-Dale, evergreen chai customer

stay warm this winter and sip the chai that's perfect for you

masala chai

golden turmeric chai
sweet fennel chai

our spiciest and least sweet


made for the chai spice lover that adores the heat of peppercorn and ginger and the earthy flavor of coconut palm sugar.

our caffeine-free


earthy and buttery notes of turmeric, with heat from ginger and peppercorn and a hint of Himalayan pink salt.

our original

 a traditional and mellow Indian chai with sophisticated notes of cardamom, spicy cinnamon, and bold black tea. 

spicy ginger chai

our bestseller


a perfect blend of ginger, peppercorn, and black tea with hints of clove, star anise, and cardamom.

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White Snowflake
White Snowflake 1
White Snowflake 1